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Release Date:
Rating: 6.2
Directed by
Park Chan-wook
Written by
CHUNG Seo-kyung, Park Chan-wook
Based on
Tang Wei, PARK Hae-il, LEE Jung-hyun, GO Kyoung-pyo, PARK Yong-woo, Shin-Young Kim, YU Seung-mok, PARK Jeong-min, Kevin Keppy, Gillian Zinser, Marti Matulis, Dora Kiss, Sara Kapner
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
CJ Entertainment, Moho Film
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

Decision to Leave that glitters is not cinema. SEMINCI 2022 was experienced in Valladolid. Our first impressions of all the films will be posted every day. During this intense week dedicated to auteur cinema, we get to see a lot of great films. Today at Seminci 2022 we are talking about the films: Decision to Leave, Pamfir and Nothing.

Can you watch Decision to Leave (2022) Full Movie in the US, Canada, the UK or Australia?.

Among the important films of Seminci 2022 is Decision to Leave by Park Chan-wook. A combination of classic film noir and the scenic virtuosity of the Korean director. Gives rise to a fascinating police investigation.A thriller usually revolves around a relationship between two people that arises out of attraction.

The detective in charge of the case and the main suspect in a murder, the wife of the victim. In the noir of the 50s and 60s, a mysterious woman follows the codes of the femme fatale. TheStereotypes of the genre and a plot that follows common places are deconstructed in the particular visual universe of the director. Who proposes a fascinating game of mirrors. Where past and present or reality and imagination are mixed seamlessly.

Where Can I Watch Decision to Leave for Free

The time of the press screening (8:30 a.m. on a Saturday) was not the best time to watch a film with great narrative complexity. That transcends conventional boundaries with its elements and ideas. Many companions commented that they needed to see it again under better conditions.

Decision to Leave With its poetry, humor, romance, and Hitchcockian suspense, Decision to Leave is a masterpiece. In my opinion, the director's ability to propose aesthetics is the best thing about him. The ending is sweeping and varies from the author's usual style.

The cinema has told a thousand love stories, and many of them begin with a blind date. Everyone knows someone who has dated someone on Tinder in 2022. First meetings are always the same. During dinner, both people wonder about things. Where are they from, what do they do for a living.

When Does “Decision to Leave” Come Out? Is in Movie Theaters?

The film stars Park Hae-il as a detective investigating a suspected murder. The circumstances surrounding the murder, however, are not what they seem. Tang Wei plays the mysterious wife of the victim. During the investigation, the detective's interest in the woman turns romantic, even dangerous.

According to the official synopsis, a man falls from a mountain and dies. Hae-joon, the detective in charge of the investigation, meets the dead man's wife, Seo-rae. Hae-joon slowly becomes interested in her after becoming a suspect.

Along with Hae-il and Wei, the film also stars Lee Jung-hyun, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Yong-woo, and Jung Yi-seo. The cast also includes Kim Shin-young, Park Jeong-min, Seo-Hyun-woo, and Teo Yoo. Earlier this week, the film premiered at TIFF. It will be South Korea's nomination for best outstanding film at the 95th Academy Awards.

Where to Watch Decision to Leave Online Without CJ Players?

Universal Picture’s streaming service, CJ Entertainment Players is only Friday Oct 30 In the U.S available by subscription. Decision To Leave will be released in theaters on October 14. And we invite you to check out the new trailer for the film below.

The idea behind Decision to Leave is as brilliant as it is crazy. Park Chan-Wook's new wonder. Cinephilia was revolutionized by him with Oldboy. Tarantino's declaration of love is so radical.

Even the director himself said he would watch his own film again to see if it was as good. Since then, he has produced several notable films, such as The Handmaiden. It has always been interesting to follow his dalliances in Hollywood. Explore dark thrillers like Stoker or the TV adaptation of The Girl with the Drum by John Le Carre.

Decision to leave is one of his best works. This thriller works with frightening precision and is as dark as it is entertaining. In spite of its 138 minutes, Park Chan-Wook prints a rhythm to his story about a policeman obsessed. It is suspected that her husband was thrown from the top of a mountain. There is no time to breathe or to look at the clock because it is so brutal. It is a cinema as entertaining as it is personal. A modern version of Vertigo, with its suspicious women and its mysteries. That open like a matryoshka, revealing a new layer each time.

Is Decision to Leave Streaming Online?

Yes, you can stream Decision to Leave as long as you live in America. Park Chan-Wook's film is what sets it apart from other notable thrillers. The director's ability to consistently come up with innovative ideas makes him an unmissable date. Visual decisions that are original and surprising. Despite its wealth of resources, the film never runs out of ideas. They don't creak, they're not aesthetically forced. Nevertheless, one never ceases to wonder how the director came up with so many visually powerful ideas. It seems like a top-class magician's trick. A show that leaves his audience speechless, yes. Without putting himself above what he tells, always keeping both at the same level.

The decision to leave borders on perfection in every way. As a result of the frenetic assembly, tension is created and nerves are pounded. In particular, I enjoyed the music, the sound effects, the photography, and the two performances. This impossible love story, beautiful and sick at the same time. It is not always surprising when he turns a corner. Yet they are in the right place to mutate his story. Attendees should not be allowed to settle into their seats. Keeping them involved in the experience is always a priority.

When is Decision to Leave (2022) Released on Digital and DVD?

There's still no official word on when Decision to Leave will be released on DVD, digital, and VOD. It is a thriller that raises the level of the Official Selection of Seminci. I doubt they are going to be able to match that. Park Chan-Wook, however, experiences something at international festivals. He pockets 'minor' awards, but never receives the bigger ones. With this story, he is competing for the Golden Spike at Seminci for the first time. He sees it as nothing more than a romantic film. As he said at the Cannes press conference this year, people show who they really are when they are in love.

His international journey began there, in which he will compete for the Oscar for Best International Film. He has been selected by South Korea to represent them in Hollywood. At the moment, all the pools place her as one of the great favorites. It was the finalist quintet in a year where Alcarràs also participated in the competition.

A good hundred programs are usually scheduled by the Seminci. These are some of the best films that have already passed through the big festivals, but have not yet been released commercially. The viewers who have stopped watching have not been an exception this year. Valladolid film week has offered quality titles. The jury will announce the winners on Saturday. The following are the five essential films in the official section.

Where to Watch Streaming Decision to Leave Online Free?

Where to Watch Decision to Leave Online Free?. You can watch the movie by streaming through Amazon Instant Video. Vudu, iTunes, U.S Fandango Now, and Google Play. On Wednesday, the tenth Asian Decision to Leave Festival Barcelona will open. The film 'Sardar Udham' is directed by Indian director Shoojit Sircar. There will be 111 films from 25 countries in Asia and the Pacific in this edition, which runs until November 6. Cinemes Girona, Phenomena will be screened at the festival. Face-to-face screenings at CaixaForum and Zumzeig, and online sessions on the Filmin platform. The event reported in a statement on Tuesday.

Bong Joon-ho triumphed at Cannes with 'Parasite' two editions ago. Having become the first Oct 31 Korean filmmaker to win the Palme d'Or (he would also make history at the Oscars). Once again, South Korean cinema is featured in this 75th edition. Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut, 'Broker', makes a splash. 'Decision to Leave' is a Korean production directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda.

This is the fourth time the South Korean has competed in the Official Decision to Leave Section. So far, he has only won the Grand Jury Prize with 'Old Boy'. Bong and Park have similar senses of humor, resulting in films with delicate tonal balances. However, he has been less interested in discussing social issues in his scripts. His vision of Korea is always revealed in the details. His favorite genres are twisted crimes and romances with surprises and twists. No exception applies to 'Decision to Leave'.

A character refers to the director himself in a very funny scene. Insisting that he is only happy if there are murders. This new thriller from the author of the "Revenge Trilogy" begins like many police stories. Two detectives with very different personalities are tasked with solving a strange case. One of the tricks is the light tone at the beginning.

Which Movies Do I Need to Decision to Leave 2022 Full Movie Streaming Online?

Is Decision to Leave (2022) Streaming Online?. The body of a man has been found after he fell from a mountain. The most serious and thorough investigator (Park Hae-il) notices this right away. Things starting do not add up and it appears that a homicide has taken place. When it seems that this character, presented as the hero. He has everything under control, including a happy marriage. Korea is said to be complicated. His world is turned upside down when he meets the deceased's wife (Tang Wei).

It is the eccentric attitude of the woman that stands out. Practicing Korean by watching Decision to Leave soap operas. It arouses the policeman's curiosity. Suddenly, she feels a dangerous crush. Falling in love changes everything as she searches for her truth. The more he learns about her, the more he is drawn to her mystery. What Park shows us and what we understand as viewers is that something smells like smoke and we are confronting a femme fatale.

5 7/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 6.2

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